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Simply click on the upper most part of each separate image of the calendar to either view online or download each separate month.  This calendar will help you in finding the correct Sabbath and feast days for the 2014 year.


All text in RED has been added for your convenience.  These dates correspond to the modern Gregorian calendar. Just find the month (in red text) located on the Luni-Solar calendar that corresponds to the month on the current Gregorian calendar.


For additional information on the Luni-Solar calendar, please view the 7 part series below.  The videos will open on the World's Last Chance web site, where you can view the entire series, as well as access additional informative and educational information, such as videos, articles, and Bible study lessons.


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Also, please view this very explanatory three part series on the Luni-Solar Calendar.  These videos will bring you to realize the validity and importance of observing the Creator's Calendar. 

Spring -

April, May, June


Summer -

July, August, September


Fall -

October, November, December


Winter -

January, February, March

The new year on the luni-solar calendar begins with the Spring months and continues through the Summer, Fall and Winter months.  As you will notice on the above individual calendars, the 'first month' is the beginning of the luni-solar year, which corresponds to the month of April on the modern Gregorian calendar.













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